Free Tipster Competition

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Free Tipster Competition

On our website we not only like to bring you the latest and greatest online gambling bonuses but also our free tipster competition. Imagine you could enter a tipster contest with free prizes and all you had to do was provide your top betting tips for the week? Well, now it is a reality thanks to the free 1x2 contest available on our website.

Are you someone who regularly likes to bet on sport and win? Do you often brag to your mates about the number of winning bets you have placed but they never believe you? Now is the time to show them what you are made of by entering the tipster league.

Continue reading below where we will bring you full information about how the tipping competition works and the great prizes to be won in Mr Tipster contest.

1. How to Create an Account in 1x2 Contest

Before you can begin playing the tipster competition with prize pool, you must first create an account on our website. It takes a matter of seconds and you can register your account now by clicking on this link. Not only will you have access to the online tipster league but you will also be able to take advantage of the many other features available on the website including exclusive bonus codes and promotions for online bookmakers around the world.

Having created your account, you can proceed to the next section where we will tell you more about how the tipping competition works. In the meantime you can visit our website and read some reviews to find cool promo codes for sports betting.

Free tipping contest players Enter our free tipping contest and compete with numerous players to be the best!

2. How to Enter Mr Tipster

Having logged into your account, you can click on this link which will take you to the upcoming online football tipster competition. To participate in the next tipster contest online, you must click on the 'Join contest' button. You can then click on the ‘My Tips’ tab and this will present the upcoming games and the three betting options for each match.

This is known as a 1x2 tipster league online because when betting on the outcome of a football match, you are always presented with three options at the bookmaker. They are a home win, away win, and draw. In terms of betting, these outcomes are often given a number or symbol and for a home win we have the number ‘1’, for an away win we have the number ‘2’, and for the draw we have the symbol ‘X’.

Final Result Symbol in the Contest
Home team winning the game 1
Draw X
Away team winning the game 2

So, when you enter the football betting tipster league, under each of the five matches for that round, you will see ‘1’, ‘X’, and ‘2’. Below each of these you will also see the current odds for each of the three outcomes. You can use these to make your decision but we will come to tips on how you can be successful in the free tipster league with prizes shortly.

If you believe the home team is going to win the game you must click on the ‘1’ icon, if you think the match is going to end in a draw you can click on the ‘X’ icon, and if you think the away team is going to secure the victory you can click on the ‘2’ icon.

To qualify for the 1x2 competition with prizes, you must enter a selection for each of the football matches listed on the coupon. For each contest, the matches are chosen by the panel and are final. There are always different matches listed each time and you will find a great variety of football leagues and competitions from around the world within the Mr Tipster daily coupons.

Having made your selections, do not forget to click on the ‘Save Coupon’ button located at the bottom of the coupon to save your selections and ensure you are entered into the free tipster league with prizes.

1x2 competition prize pool In our 1x2 competition you can win very attractive prizes up to €50!

It is important to consider the odds when making your selections because these have an influence on the number of points you are awarded when playing the free tipster competition. So, the bigger the odds, the more points you will be awarded and the greater chance you have of winning a share of the 1x2 contest online prize pool.

However, as a gambler, you know the bigger the odds the less chance there is of the team winning the game and this is where you can use your skill and knowledge to come out on top. You can also use your knowledge in a different way - for example by triggering our EnergyBet coupon code or LVBet promo code available in the related articles and checking yourself in sports betting for money.

3. Tipster Contest Prize Pool

Despite this being a free football betting competition, there are some great prizes to be won for each contest.

There is a total prize pool of €150, with the winner pocketing a cool €50 for securing the highest number of points. However, even if it appears as though you cannot catch the person leading the way in the competition, the prize pool is spread down the rankings and the players finishing in fifth, sixth, and seventh place will each win €10. Fourth place walks away with €15, third place wins €20, and second place is awarded €35 in our [/key]Mr Tipster betting competition[/key].

Place Prize
1st €50
2nd €35
3rd €20
4th €15
5-7th €10

This is an extremely generous prize pool considering it is free to play the tipster league and we are sure you cannot wait to get started. However, before you do, we have a few tips to help you succeed in the free tipster league with prizes. They are also valid for regular sports betting, so have them in mind while using our STS promo code that can be found in the related article.

4. Free 1x2 Competition Tips

As mentioned above, the odds play a significant role in the football betting tipster league. So, as with any form of sports betting, you should conduct your research and look for the teams you believe have the ability to cause an upset. Doing this involves looking at previous results between the two teams, the most recent results of both teams, what a victory will mean to each team, and the team news.

Sometimes, all it takes is for a team to be missing a key player and this can hand the initiative to the outsider. Keep this in mind when playing the free tipster competition and you will improve your chances of winning.

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